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October 25, 2018: Talequah Daily Press. Tahlequah's Kirby makes 2018 USA World Team

October 23, 2018: Grappling Central Podcast. USACW Officials Stephen Koepfer and Vladislav Koulikov sit in and talk combat wrestling with Ryan Fold and the newly minted US World Team

September 15, 2017: Yahoo News Japan. Combat Wrestling World Championship Hits Honjo / Saitama

September 6, 2017: NWAHomepage. NWA Now Home to USA Combat Wrestling

Team USA heads to Japan for World Championship

August 30, 2017: Gukje News (Korea). Coverage of the Asian Open and upcoming world championship in Japan.

August 11, 2017: Grappling Cenrtral Podcast. 2017 World Veteran’s Team Member Javier Palomo sits in!

April 11, 2017: Grapopling Central Podcast. USACW Co-Founder and Head Coach sits in on the podcast for a second time, talking Combat Wrestling, grappling and film!

November 28, 2016: FICW Report. 1st European Championships Results

October 26, 2016: Combat Wrestling Press from Hungary.

October 19, 2016: FICW Report. 2016 World Championship Results

October 6, 2016: Grappling Central Podcast. USACW Co-Founder and Head Coach sits in to talk about grappling, and more!

August 17, 2016: FICW Repost. 1st Asian Championship Results

July 6, 2016: No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman. USACW Secretary General and National Coach Stephen Koepfer chats with Eddie about the current state of development of USA Combat Wrestling and the FICW

April 18, 2016: FICW Report. 2016 US National Team Trial Quick Results

February 28, 2016: FICW Report. First US National Combat Wrestling Training Camp

September 21, 2015: Official FGIC Website. Interview with 68kg World Champion, Team USA’s Denny Lenormand

September 17, 2015: Open Mat Radio. Stephen Koepfer sits in on OMR to talk about the development of USA Combat Wrestling and the first World Championship

September 11, 2015: No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman. Team Canada’s Matthew Kaiser talks Combat Wrestling after becoming the first 74kg World Champion

September 6, 2015: No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman. Team USA’s Denny Lenormand becomes the inaugural 68kg Combat Wrestling World Champion

September 1, 2015: No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman. Stephen Koepfer on the Inaugural Worlds and the future of Combat Wrestling.

August 30, 2015: BJJ Eastern Europe. Combat Wrestling Championships in Bulgaria: Results & Highlights.

August 29, 2015: Jiu Jitsu Times. Purple Belt Wins Upset Against 2nd Degree Black Belt at Worlds

August 23, 2015: FICW Official Results for the first World Championships

March 22, 2015: MMA Mania. By Mike Stets. Combat Wrestling World Championships set for August 22nd in Varna, Bulgaria.

March 20, 2015: No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman. Stephen Koepfer discusses the 2015 US trials and Combat Wrestling World Championship

February 12, 2015: MMA Bulgaria - 2015 Combat Wrestling World Championships

January 29, 2015: No Holds Barred -  Josh Barnett sits in with Eddie Goldman to talk Catch Wrestling and about bringing his team to the US Combat Wrestling Team Trials

January 26, 2015: LiveSport (in Bulgarian) - Bulgaria to host the World Combat Wrestling Championship

January 25, 2015: Legacy Fights - Interview  with FICW U.S. Delegate and Head Coach Stephen Koepfer

January 22, 2015: BJJEE article about FICW - Combat Wrestling: The Ultimate Grappling Tournament Format?

January 15, 2015: TopSport (in Bulgarian) - Bulgarian Combat Wrestling Federation president Kamen Georgiev in an interview for Bulgarian Press

December 5, 2014: No Holds Barred - FICW president Ivaylo Ivanov on NHBNews podcast with Eddie Goldman

November 2, 2014: Yogadome - Report from the Combat Wrestling Open in Sofia Open.


May 15, 2016: Team USA Set to Represent the United States in the 2nd Annual Combat Wrestling World Championships

July 5, 2015: Inaugural Team Will Represent the United States at the First Combat Wrestling World Championships

April 13, 2015: 2015 U.S. Team Trial Full Results

March 21, 2015: Proud Sponsors of North American Combat Wrestling. U.S. Team Trials on April 11th. Canada on May 23rd.

January 21, 2015: FICW Take Combat Wrestling to the International Stage. US Team Trials on April 11th