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USA Combat Wrestling Tournament Sanctioning

If you wish to host a USACW sanctioned Combat Wrestling tournament, the following guidelines must be strictly followed.  Once all requirements are met by the tournament host/promoter, USACW will supervise the running a professionally coordinated event with professionally trained Combat Wrestling officials through planning, weigh-in and completion of the event. Our event supervisor will work with your event staff to ensure all regulatory, health and safety requirements are followed. USACW will assist in promoting the event on our website, social media, e-mail, and media appearances. Event dates will be listed on our official website calendar. Results will count towards USA Combat Wrestling national rankings.

Tournament host is responsible for:

1-Venue, mat and related equipment rental (subject to USACW approval)

2-Proof of venue rental must be provided at least 30 days prior to the event.

3-Non-refundable USACW sanctioning fee: $250 (must be paid at least 30 days prior to the event)

4-Travel, hotel and fee for an approved USACW event supervisor: $100 per day (not including travel & hotel)

5-Travel, hotel and fee for two USACW approved officials (per mat): Official’s fee is $75 per day, per official (not including travel & hotel)

6-Proof of hotel and travel arrangements for USACW event officials must be provided at least 30 days prior to the event.

7-Event supervisor and officials’ fees must be paid on the day of the event BEFORE the event begins.

8-Event Physician (must be available for weigh-in AND entire length of competition).

9-Ambulance and EMT/Paramedic (must be available for the entire length of competition).

10-Evidence of insurance  with USA Combat Wrestling added as an additional insured (must be provided at least 30 days prior to the event.

11-Working in tandem with USACW to organize the event schedule

12- Adhering to the USACW rules

13-If any of these conditions are not met, USACW reserves the right to withdraw sanctioning on the event AT ANY TIME

If you would like to host an official USA Combat Wrestling tournament, contact us to discuss your options


All USACW referees are required to attend USACW’s Officials’ Training Course at least once every two years and pass the course’s written final exam with a 75 score or better. Additionally, “Approved” Referees have to shadow  or be supervised by a USACW senior official at a USACW sanctioned event before they can work as a center mat referee/judge at any sanctioned event.

USACW Event Supervisors:

Timothy Kuth - USACW President, FICW International Class Coach, Member of the FICW Coach Committee

Stephen Koepfer - USACW Secretary, Class A FICW International Referee, FICW International Class Coach

Graduates of our July 28, 2017 USACW Officials’

Course: St. Louis, Missouri

Omar Ahmad

Craig Chiles

Vladislav Koulikov - Approved on July 28, 2017

Timothy Kuth - Re-approved on July 28, 2017

Chri Moore- Approved on July 28, 2017

Anthony Pastorello - Approved on July 28, 2017

Paul Pillarom Jr - Re-approved on July 28, 2017

Graduates of our July 9, 2016 FICW Officials’ Course:

Montreal, Canada

Kris Iatskevich - Approved International Class C

Gabriel Rossi

Graduates of our April 8, 2016 USACW Officials’ Course:

Lowell, Arkansas

Timothy Kuth - Approved on April 9, 2016

Paul Pillaro Jr. - Approved on April 9, 2016

Tim Setala

Cody Clayton

Graduates of our February 18, 2016 USACW Officials’

Course: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Reilly Bodycomb - Approved on February 18, 2016

Morgan Bracken - Approved on April 9, 2016

Timothy Kuth

Chris Metzgar

Anthony Pastorello

Kacy Simonsen