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APRIL 11, 2012: Head Coach Stephen Koepfer participates in the 1st Annual Combat Sports Medicine Symposium, sponsored by the NJ State Athletic Control Board. Here is Bloody Elbow’s Coverage

FEBRUARY 10, 2012: MMA Diehards covers Bradley Desir’s defeat of Luciano Cristovam at CFFC 13.

FEBRUARY 10, 2012: The Fight Nerd Covers Bradley Desir’s defeat of Luciano Cristovam at CFFC 13

JANUARY 11, 2012: NYCS student, actor & musician Jabari Gray sits in on Darce Side Radio


DECEMBER 29, 2011: Bradley Desir featured in CBS News (Westen Mass) interview while training at Team Link.

DECEMBER 29, 2011: The Fight Nerd awards Bradley Desir “Rookie of the Year”

OCTOBER, 2011: NYCS featured in Matthew Polly’s best selling “Tapped Out”

NOVEMBER, 2011: NYCS featured in Jim Genia’s best selling Raw Combat”

OCTOBER 14, 2011: Stephen Koepfer interview with Knucklepit

SEPTEMBER 7, 2011: Reilly Bodycomb interview with Electric Oceans

MAY 23, 2011: Reilly Bodycomb discusses the leg lock game with US Combat Sports.

MARCH 10, 2011: Reilly Bodycomb and Anthony Sansonetti make US Combat Sports Best of 2010 List!

FEBRUARY 4, 2011: NYCS’s Tyga Maclin, Bradley Desir & Stephen Koepfer sit in on NBC’s  “All Night with Joey Reynolds”

DECEMBER 16, 2010: Shock Doctor custom mouth guard product review with the Fight Nerd at NYCS

DECEMBER 2, 2012: Fight Gear Air Release head gear review with The Fight Nerd at NYCS.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2010: Submission Control interviews Stephen Koepfer


NOVEMBER 4, 2009: Fight Nerd and NYCS reviews the Nutty Buddy Groin Protector


OCTOBER 8, 2009: The Fight Nerd profiles NYCS

MAY 19, 2009: Stephen Koepfer and Alexander Barakov appear on Travel Channel’s “Dhani Tackles the Globe”

FEBRUARY 3, 2009: “From Russia with Blood, Beauty, and Beasts”
Matthew Polly’s 5 part series on St. Petersburg, Fedor Emilianenko, and Sambo training in Russia in Slate Magazine. Also discussed are the 2008 World Sambo Championships. NYCS’s Stephen Koepfer and Reilly Bodycomb are featured.

OCTOBER 1, 2008: Stephen Koepfer featured on G4’s “Attack of the Show”


December 27, 2012: New York Combat Sambo in conjunction with the New York Blood Center, hosted a blood drive to help replenish supplies lost during Hurricane Sandy. Facebook event page

November 4, 2012: New York Combat Sambo held a free women’s self defense class as part of Fodada Wear’s International Self-Defense Day.

SEPTEMBER, 2012: New York Combat Sambo was featured on Episode 35 of Budo Videos’ “Rolled Up”


JULY 30, 2012: NYCS’s Anthony “The Cowboy” Pipola is featured in a 2 part story by Jim Genia of Yahoo Sports Cagewriter.

A Long Day’s Journey Into Fight - Part 1

A Long Day’s Journey Into Fight - Part 2

JULY 3, 2012: Head Coach Stephen Koepfer takes part in Bloody Elbow’s “Coaches’ Corner” discussion on the role of the guard position in MMA.

JUNE 29, 2012: MAC’s MMA Q&A with NYCS’s Bradley “Featherstone” Desir

APRIL 19, 2012: NYCS’s Bradley Desir sits in on TNN’s Richard French Live

December 22, 2012: Stephen Koepfer is interviewed for the Winter, 2013 special “MMA Around the World” issue of Black Belt Magazine. The featured article by Mark Jacobs explores Sambo in Mixed Martial Arts.

December 23, 2012: Matthew Kaiser of Submissions 101 guest instructs for us! Matthew is a 10th Planet Purple Belt under Eddie Bravo.