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Breakfall Studios has been a great addition to the NYC stunt community. Since their inception, their open training has been nothing short of excellent. The learning environment is very friendly, participants are knowledgeable, and training enjoyable while maintaining a high caliber of oversight. As a stunt performer who practices martial arts, I highly recommend anyone serious about getting into stunts or expanding their martial arts knowledge to train at Breakfall Studios. Along with helping you become more comfortable and proficient in various martial skills, their training sessions will offer a great workout and leave you wanting to come back for more! - E. Calvin Ahn, SAG-AFTRA

Breakfall Studios is a wonderful space for veteran and rookie stunt performers to come and hone their skills.  Stephen and Paul provide a very clean, equipped space to learn and train in a judge free environment.  Need to work kicks, throws, falls, choreo, boxing, tumbling, ect. they have plenty of mats and space for all your stunting needs! - Noah Schultz, SAG-AFTRA

I have the pleasure of training every Wednesday at Breakfall for the past half year and have not regretted it. Stephen and Paul offer lots of knowledge and patience. To paraphrase Lao Tzu "When I started at Breakfall a throw was a throw and fall was a fall, while at Breakfall throw was no longer a throw and a fall was no longer a fall..." Thanks Stephen and Paul. - Charles Haskins, SAG-AFTRA

As a stunt performer, I know we all are expected to be Jacks of all Trades - Masters of Some. I am fortunate enough to live in an area where I’m able to practice my essential skills on a pretty regular basis. What I AM lacking is a dojo in which to train the basics (rolls, falls, fights, reactions, etc) WITH other like-minded stunt performers. I feel fortunate that Stephen invited all members of the community to his Manhattan dojo to train. I’d always felt hesitant to enter the doors of the regular haunts due to my limited experience as a “fighter.” This provides a venue where I can hone skills I’m trying to perfect, along with meeting/working with other talented performers in the industry. I’ve only made it out that way a couple times, but the Open Training is great - warm ups, basics review and then we work on some combo of new skills and at the end incorporate all of it into a short filmed video for instructional purposes. I’ve learned SO much from watching these videos! I’m grateful for the service Breakfall is providing, and the non-judgemental tutelage that makes for an amazing learning experience! Thank you Stephen and Paul for all that you do! - Becca GT, SAG-AFTRA

Breakfall Studios is the only place in the city where real-life Sambo and Krav Maga is translated to practical stunt applications, but Breakfall Studios is much more than just a gym. It's a community of information from the technical aspects of a move to what is going on in town. It's a place where you can fail without outward judgement. At Breakfall, you'll be on the ground a lot, but it stands to reason that a stunt performer should not only learn how to fall safely but to land in different positions, on different parts of the body, on different axis, on different surfaces, and do it repeatedly. Prepare to break your fall or your fall will break you. - Kyro Wavebourne, SAG-AFTRA

I first heard of Breakfall Studios as they were getting started a few years ago. My career began in DC, and I saw their group come together and start gaining momentum on FB. I was really impressed with the professionalism they captured right off the bat, and continue to excel at to this day. After training with them for the first time, I realized Steve, Paul, and the others performers they train with have something incredibly special: Hardcore work ethic and a really great sense of what it takes to develop skill. There's no ego or bashing, but there is also an incredibly valuable sense of expectations and self-awareness placed upon participants. If you are a stunt performer at any level, you will learn what you need to work on in regards to physical ability, see where you're at with your current knowledge, and experience what others have to offer up close so you can set goals for acquiring new skills. Steve is an expert teacher in grappling, falling, and many other major aspects of martial arts that play into both modern and traditional fighting for film. Paul's energy and expertise in regards to combatives offers a strong insight into empty hand and weapons technique development across the board. Being able to join a community like Breakfall is a big part of what convinced me to move to NYC. Since then, I have trained with them nearly every week. Training at Breakfall is now easily one of my favorite workouts, and one of the most valuable. - Dylan Hintz, SAG-AFTRA

I can’t recommend Breakfall Studios enough. I train hard. For me to feel accomplished, I need to be heaving, covered in sweat and exhausted. I never thought I'd find kinship in this pursuit, but I sure did at Breakfall. Friendly, knowledgeable, and well rounded, with a passion for training, pushing limits, and multi-disciplinary practice just as deep as my own, the studio is the embodiment of advancement. They're well versed in movement, in all it's forms, and the space attracts industry professionals who all learn from, and teach, each other, while under the careful oversight of the staff. For anyone looking to grow as a stunt professional or martial artist, Breakfall is a place you simply can't pass up. - Jared Blake DiCroce, SAG-AFTRA

From someone who has been stunt training for around 8 months, I strongly believe that Breakfall Studios has helped me with a lot.  The Falling for Rookies workshop they host is informative, helpful, and enjoyably intense.  I was able to learn effective ways to hit the ground safely and still look bad-ass.  I was, and am still new to this, but Steve and Paul really walked me through their instructions and made sure everyone was able to complete their essential falls.  I highly recommend taking Falling for Rookies at Breakfall Studios…two thumbs up! - Zander Nicastro, SAG AFTRA